Does Exede’s Evolution Service Deliver?

Exede Internet is attempting to do something that nearly 119 Million would be greatly appreciate: bring broadband speed to those who live in rural areas of the United States and do not have access to broadband internet. Broadband being defined as at least 4 Mbps downlink and at least 1 Mbps up is the basic minimum to claim as “high-speed” internet.

Exede Evolution is a new service, brought to you by ViaSat, is the first “unlimited” service package for subscribers in nearly 30 states. The plan has no limitations on data used for web pages and email and allows a 5GB data allocation for other activities. It still maintains the current 12 Mbps and 3 Mbps connection speeds that other Exede plans offer, but the unlimited aspect can draw in customers that may just spend a lot of time browsing and checking email.

In recent tests of Exede’s Evolution service has very positive reviews. Web browsing is very fast and small downloads are snappy. In a month trial, we found that you’ll go over 5GB cap if consumers consume a large amount of high definition videos, but Exede does offer a Free Zone period where data isn’t counted against the limitation. In speed tests, Exede performed admirably, often producing speeds higher that the advertised 12 Mbps. Upload speeds averaged out to about 2 Mbps. Overall, Exede does produce a product that meets and surpasses expectations.